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gorillas make housemaids

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we make magic here
50 cent, 9/11, abortion, almost halfway, andrew loves nolan, andrew vucko, army, babar, bacon, bagels, bands, big comfy couch, bloody shit as desktop, boohbah, bowling, budgies, bulimia, bumba, caillou, chatrooms, checkers, chuck e cheese, church, clubs, cocaine, communist, computers, conservative, coughdrops, country, cowboys, death, democrat, diarrhea, disco, dogs are the government, drugs, ducks, dungeons & dragons, electronica, emo, euro, fetus, filming james vomit, finches, firemen, fishing, flags, flowers, folk, friends, frogs, funk, funny, geese, genocide, glue, goosebumps novels, gordon klein, government, hardcore, heroin, hitler, hitler's dog, hop scotch, in the groove, iraq, james hughes, jazz, jesus, knives, laughing while watching hostel, laxatives, liberal, logan aubé, lol, magazines, mcdonalds, memory cards, mexico, microphones, molestation, monopoly, mouse, movies, nails, nazi, night of fire, ninja turtles, noise, nolan fraileigh, omfg :3, orange, paper, parenting, peewee herman, pencil sharpeners, pencils, pidgeons, pingu, police, ponies, pop, pop punk, pope, pump it up, randy, rap, rape, rapists, reading, republican, robbery, rock, satan, scissors, screamo, shawn allison, shit, sick montage, soap, soccer, soup, south park, stfu, tacos, talking, teletubbies, terri shaivo, the alphabet, the fbi, the flintstones, the internet, the pentagon, toilet, tom green, tony danza, top 40, trains, trance, trouble, turtles, vomit, watching, welch's grape juice, women, yahoo, yellow, yoshi